How To Predict Weather Without Using Gadgets?

Manual Weather Prediction
Written by David J Bates

At certain point of time, you might get stuck in bad weather conditions that interrupt enjoying tours, trekking, camping or anything else. If you have the knowledge of forecasting the weather changes, it can add several benefits that worth your journey.

Do you have any gadgets for predicting the upcoming weather changes? If yes, then it is very likely that you can make the prediction without much effort.

But in real, every person does not have weather station devices. In this situation, the comprehensive knowledge of manual prediction of weather allows you to be prepared for any natural phenomenon. 

In this article, some of the methods of forecasting weather have been explained in details. Certainly, this makes you aware of the upcoming natural events and helps in making a decision how to move in the right direction (if you get stuck anywhere).

Best Ways Of Predicting Weather Conditions Naturally: 

There are several methods of predicting weather conditions. Just read on to know them- 

By Looking At The Clouds:

If you are being able to predict weather changes by observing cloud formation in the sky, then this can add the great benefits. With the knowledge of clouds, its formation and movement, it becomes much easier and simplier to keep yourself protected from the impact of natural events such as rain, storm.


For predicting the weather conditions, clouds can be categorized into four different groups that include high, middle, low and vertical growth clouds. In general, the high clouds indicate the sign of good weather whereas low clouds indicate the sign of upcoming rain or storm.

Category-wise if the clouds are classified, then

High Clouds

  • Cirrus – It is white wispy cloud that indicates fair weather
  • Cirrostratus – It covers the whole sky (sheet-like appearance) and indicates moist weather
  • Cirrocumulus – It is a large group of white streaks that indicates fair weather. But, in tropical region, this indicates approaching storm or may be hurricane

Middle Clouds

  • Altostratus– It looks grey and/or blue clouds that indicate storm in the near future
  • Altocumulus– It is grayish-white in appearance and indicates thunderstorm

Low Clouds

  • Stratus– It looks like solid clouds (low-lying) after fog that brings drizzle
  • Stratocumulus– It is also low-lying clouds (bumpy and grey) but doesn’t bring drizzle
  • Nimbostratus– It is the standard grey rain cloud that increases the chances of an immediate rainfall within few moments

Clouds with Vertical Mobility

  • Cumulus– It looks like stereotypical white clouds that indicate fair weather
  • Cumulonimbus– It is the extension of cumulus clouds that show anvil-like shape and indicate heavy rain, lightning and tornadoes

So now lets jump onto the methods and know the tricks about how to judge the weather without using any kind of instruments:

By Looking At The Sky

Apart from these types of cloud formations, you might also observe the red sky, bold orange or something like that. It is a sign of high pressure system with dry air. It is formed because of the stirring of the dust particles with dry air that mostly observes during sunset.

If you notice red sky in the morning, it indicates dry air has passed away which would be followed by a low pressure system. The thing is that it carries moisture.

By Looking At The Rainbow

Sometimes rainbow can be seen early in the morning that indicates the sun rays strike the moisture that present in the west and reflects as a rainbow to the eyes. It also means that there is a possible upcoming rainfall.

If the rainbow presents in the east during sunset, it indicates that rain clouds have passed away and there will be sunny days.

By Gazing At The Moon

Although you might not be the night-watchman, you should know how to predict weather by gazing at the moon. Have you ever seen it reddish or pale? Whatsoever the answer is, this indicates dust presents in the air that make moon look-like reddish in color.


If the low pressure system clears out the dust, then moon looks bright and sharply focused. Some weather conditions also create a ring around the moon which indicates rain in the upcoming 2-3 days.

By Detecting The Direction Of Wind Blow

You can feel the air and detect the direction of the blowing wind for predicting weather changes. If it is blown from the east, it indicates an upcoming storm. When the wind blows from the west, it means that there will be good weather soon.

Sometimes individuals are unable to feel the slow moment of wind. In that case, they can throw a grass or paper (if available) in to the air. By observing the motion of the object, it becomes quite easy to determine the actual direction.

Suppose you get caught in the strong wind. This means there is a high pressure difference that indicates an approaching storm. You can even make a campfire (if possible). Now, observe the motion of the smoke carefully and determine the direction of the wind with no troubles.

Does Plant Say Anything?

Of course! If you look at the leaves of deciduous (broadleaf) trees, they will be in motion. You have to observe them, identify the direction of wind and predict the upcoming weather changes.

By Noting Animal Behavior


“Animals share with us the privilege of having a soul.”- Pythagoras

Have you ever noticed the behavior of birds during weather changes? During fair weather, they like to fly high in the sky. If there is a low or falling air pressure, they feel discomfort and fly low. You can also notice they become quiet just before rainfall.

By looking at the cow’s behavior, one can even predict the weather conditions. Suppose a group of cows come together and stay close, indicates an upcoming bad weather. They even lie down before an approaching thunderstorm.

Check the Humidity

You can observe humidity in your area by looking at your hair. If it becomes sticky and oily, the day is very humid. If the hair becomes frizzy and rough, it shows dry day. However, the high humidity is the indication of rain in the upcoming days.

Final Words

From now onwards, you should predict yourself and have a great deal with the weather! If you pay attention to the above-mentioned points, there will be no troubles during any outing. Anyone can make the prediction when he/she does have the right knowledge of the observation methods. If you are going out for hiking you should definitely check next 7 days weather forecast here at NOAA or atleast carry an emergency weather radio with you.

There is also a possibility of predicting weather conditions by determining the weather patterns. So, it is really important to stretch your boundaries at some point of time and gain knowledge that is beyond your daily habits for the sack of yourself and your loving ones.

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