How To Find Hole In Air Mattress? – A Sure Shot Guide

Repair A Hole In Air Matress
Written by David J Bates

Some individuals like you and me prefer camping with air mattress. It just requires a few moments to take it out, inflate it and get close to nature.

It will be a terrible thing to find your portable bed leaking air and there’s no way to fix it at this moment. I’m pretty sure you want to know how to find hole in air mattress and repair it. But you have to reach your home first to do that.

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Really A Problematic Thing

If you notice that sleeping pad starts deflating slowly even after the valves are kept closed tightly. This indicates that there is an air bed leak that needs to be repaired.

However, there is also a chance of multiple leaks on different spots. No more hit and trial methods! Just follow the instructions provided in the next section, and then you can find leak in air mattress without any mistake.

Learn How To Find Hole In Air Mattress

Some holes are large and easy to spot whereas tiny holes are invisible to our naked eyes. At that time, you might be amazed and say, “Air mattress is deflating but no hole is there?”

To find them, we have to start with inspecting the valves-

Method 1: Check The Valves And Its Surroundings

In most of the cases, the primary location of leakage is valves and its surroundings. For determining it, you have to perform these activities-

  • Carry the air bed away from noise
  • Place it in an adequate light
  • Inflate it completely

(To find air mattress leak, pump air a little more than you normally do. Over-inflating air bed opens up smaller leaks and even it won’t damage your gear.)

  • Inspect the valve and its surrounding area


In case, you are unable to determine any hole. Certainly, there is a leak in inflatable mattress itself. It is recommended to consider the next method of searching leaks.

Method 2: Inspect The Entire Mattress

After inflating it in bright light, you can find leak in air bed easily.

  • Start with the top front portion
  • Move your palm with little pressure on the surface

(Wet your hand for a better result! Once you feel escaping air, it makes your palm colder. It indicates a leak in the surface.)

  • Move your palm at the seams
  • Turn it over and follow the same process

During air bed leak detection, mark the holes (whichever found) using a tape or marker to verify the location afterward. It only takes a matter of minutes to solve your problem.

No doubt, it is the easy way to find hole!

Method 3: Use Soapy Water And Spray

This method is ideal for getting rid of air mattress slow leak problems. Either you need to fill your spray bottle with soapy water or use a soap wetted sponge for determining leaks.

  • Inflate the mattress completely
  • Spray or wipe soapy water over the valve area
  • Now, do it on the surface of the mattress
  • Escaping air will form bubbles

Once you find any bubble near valves or on the surface, mark it to locate the area afterward.


It is recommended to dry the mattress after detecting holes. Either dry it in the sunlight or keep it in the air. Once it becomes dry, fix the problems and store your mattress.

Method 4: Take A Tissue Paper

A piece of tissue paper or napkin can find leak in aerobed. Before starting this trick, make sure the mattress is inflated properly.

  • Choose a noise-free and bright area
  • Inflate your air bed
  • Lay the tissue paper flat on the surface of the bed
  • Move is slowly by applying a little pressure on to the mattress
  • A leak will produce hissing or faint sound on hitting the paper
  • Mark the area and find other leaks

After performing the operation on the entire bed, you can patch the marked areas effectively.

Method 5: Utilize Your Bath Tub

Though this method is not suitable for all types of mattresses, it has its own advantages. If it is a self-inflating camp sleeping pad, you can do it without having a second thought.

  • Partially inflate the air bed
  • Fill your bathtub with water
  • Submerge the valve first
  • Then, slowly move on to the surface
  • Apply a little pressure every time
  • Any hole will produce stream of bubbles

This indicates that air mattress is losing air and it needs to be repaired.

  • Partially, dry that area
  • Mark it with a tape or marker
  • Follow the process for the whole mattress

After completion, allow the airbed to become dry and fix the issues!

Final Words

Needless to say, the above-discussed methods are fairly easy to perform. If you follow these instructions on how to find hole in air mattress, there will be no troubles.

Share this method with your friend and help them out! For queries or suggestions, you can comment on the below section.

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