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Would it be okay if I share the details why almost every smart house owner buys a weather station as soon as they know the benefits of these devices?

To get the best weather station, this post will help you out with all the information you desire to make the selection, along with the reviews of the best products.

The reviews of the products will help you understand the features related to specific products, which will lead you to the weather station that can serve all the purposes you have in mind.

Before we have a look at the weather station reviews, let’s start by understanding the factors that become necessary when you are making the selection.

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Features Of Best Weather Station:

  • Purpose
  • Data Requirement
  • Transmission Distance
  • Connection
  • Power Source For Operation
  • Price And Warranty
  • Frequency Of Update
  • Accuracy
  • Data Range

The variety of the weather stations is available in different shapes and sizes. The features also change from product to product, making the selection difficult for the buyer.

The application and the price, every difference in among the products is important to evaluate and compare. Hence, you should be ready to analyze.

Here are all the factors that will help you make the right selection.

Product Purpose

Snowy Weather

Weather stations are made to serve a certain purpose. Some provide the current weather conditions, while others offer weather forecast.

So, you need to look at the product purpose and make sure it aligns with your requirements. There are two major types of the weather station according to this factor:

  • Large Home weather stations
  • Portable weather stations
Data Requirement

Weather DataThe whole point of having a weather station is to get the reliable data that can help you out.

The data on various variables such as temperature, wind speed, barometric pressure, and humidity is provided by most of the weather stations.

However, if you go for the advanced choices, it is also possible to attain data on the soil condition, UV, rainfall, leaf wetness and many other features.

Hence, you need to look for the product that offers the data types which you require to serve the purpose of having a weather station.

Transmission Distance

Davis Intruments 6250 SetupTransmission distance is the ability of the weather station to transmit the data. The transmission capacity depends on the obstructions between the receiver and the sensor and also on the connection type you select.

Obviously, the products with high transmission distance are more valuable. However, you need to ensure that your choice has at least 300 feet of transmission or more than that.


The connection is another factor that decides the ease of using the weather station. You can pick one of the following two types of connection:

  • Wired Connection

Wired connection type requires extreme care during the mounting, which increases the installation time.

  • Wireless Connection

Wireless connection type is pretty easy when it comes to installation. However, the signal issues can become a trouble for you. Most of the best weather station now a days have a wireless connection.

Power Source For Operation

The knowledge of the power source is necessary too. While most of the wired stations operate on AC power, you can also find a few with AA batteries. Along with that, there are options that include solar panels for the power source.

So, if you are planning to use the weather station where power sources are not available properly, it would be wise to select the options that run on the solar power source.

Also, with a few extra bucks, you can get the weather stations that come with multiple power source choices.

Price and Warranty

Like any other purchase, the price becomes a critical aspect here as well. However, the price comparison becomes more important in the case of weather stations.

This is due to the wide range of options that come under this product category.

The products range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars.

Hence, you need to align your requirements with the product’s feature in order to pick the most reliable choice.

Along with the price, you should definitely try to get maximum warranty period. This will ensure the safety of the purchase you make. The warranty period is standardized in the weather stations from 1 to 5 years for most of these top weather station devices.

With the enhanced quality and price, you get to pick a product with the reasonable warranty period.

Frequency of Updates

Weather stations update to provide information constantly. The time taken by the gadget to update should be fast. Having a 30 second update time is pretty reasonable.

However, you can also find options that can update new data within 2 to 15 seconds.

Accuracy Of The Results

The accuracy rate of the results is the ultimate need that you have from the weather stations. Hence, find the option with a high accuracy rate in order to get quality data results. All the best weather station devices we reviewed are highly accurate under regular condition.

Data Range

Apart from the data type, you should also look for the choices that offer you a wide range of data possibility. This way, you can collect multiple data types in the extreme conditions as well.

So, that is everything you need to know regarding the factors related to weather stations.

The understanding of these factors will help you acquire a product that will serve the purpose. All you need to do is align the factors according to the requirements you have.

Now, let’s move forward ..

Best Weather Station Reviews Of 2017 – Top Picks

Among all the top rated weather stations, the following are the best ones you can rely upon.

1) Davis Instruments 6250 Vantage Vue Wireless Weather Station

Davis Instruments 6250 Vantage Vue is known for the precise accuracy and the reliability. This weather station becomes perfect for the people who desire all the advantages combined in one feature.Davis Intruments 6250

With the transmission distance of 1000 ft, you can easily set up the sensor without getting worried about the obstructions.

The most impressive trait of this instrument is that it provides a new update in every 2.5 seconds.

Along with that, you get to have the data of temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, wind speed, direction, dew point, and even rainfall data.

This advanced console allows the users to have in-depth insights on the weather conditions.

Best highlight

Being one of the best rated wireless weather stationthis one offers all the highlights which you desire.

All features

  • Integrated Sensor Suit having self-contained weather monitoring system.
  • Easy to read console features, LCD display and the keypad that glows in the dark.
  • The wireless transmission with fast updates in every 2.5 seconds.
  • The weather forecast icons, moon phase, sunrise and sunset times, alarms and others.
  • Provides data on weather conditions, indoor and outdoor temperature, barometric pressure, wind speed, dew point, rainfall, wind direction, and humidity.


The transmission of the data is top-notch for this high quality weather station device. And the knowledge of the soil condition and all the other data information make it a valuable investment.


It is possible that the signal gets interrupted during the extreme weather conditions due to the wireless design.

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2) Ambient Weather WS-1002-WIFI OBSERVER

With the WIFI connectivity, the console of the Ambient Weather Station sends and receives the internet data. Also, the sensor has the capacity to transmit the signal via 915MHz frequency.

The ability to provide outdoor data with the sensor includes the temperature, wind speed, wind direction, humidity, rainfall, Solar as well as UV radiation. Similarly, the indoor sensor offers the data of the humidity, temperature, and barometer pressure.

All the properties come under a price that doesn’t become out of the budget. Below is the video walk through of same series model to give you an overview of the product. Please note the original WS-1002 has several other features.

Best Highlight

With the data provided by both the outdoor as well as the indoor sensor, this model becomes the best home weather station. Customers love to use it as residential weather station due to the affordability and the features.

All Features:Ambient Weather WS-1002

  • The accuracy of the observer provides precise results with outdoor and indoor sensors.
  • The Wi-Fi connectivity allows the console to send and receive the internet.
  • The observer provides outdoor temperature, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, humidity, UV and solar radiation as well.
  • The indoor temperature, barometric pressure, and humidity is also transmitted by the observer.


The Ambient Weather WS-1001 weather station is all about synchronization of the technology with the best hosting service in the weather station.

The accuracy of the data and the ease of installation makes brings it on the list of reliable home weather station reviews. Many customers consider this the best wireless weather station.


The limitations of this model include the connectivity issues of the WiFi due to bad weather. Also, the wireless signal doesn’t have the capacity to pass through metal and earth.

This model is not recommended if you are planning to use the weather station in Arctic Circle, as the model can’t fight freezing temperatures.

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3) AcuRite 01036 Pro Weather Station

Considered the best personal weather station by many, this one allows you to plan your day without getting worried about the weather conditions.Acurite 01036 Pro Weather Station O

The information on the current weather conditions becomes available. However, you can also rely on this weather station to get the accurate weather forecast.

Hence, if you were searching for the backyard weather station reviewsthis is the option you can rely upon. Its position as one of the best-rated weather stations comes due to the integrated sensor system that AcuRite 01036 has.

You can easily mount the 5 in-1 integrated sensor system and connect it to your PC.

This allows you to have data storage, share data and analyze the collected information as well.

Best highlight

The AcuRite 01036 Pro color is considered as the most accurate home weather station and for personal use. You can install it in your backyard in order to get all the benefits easily.

All features

  • With 5-in-1 wireless weather sensor, this model attains high precision.
  • The humidity, wind speed, wind direction and rain measurements become available with temperature.
  • The illuminated color display makes monitoring results easier.
  • The PC connection feature helps you connect the display to a computer.


The wireless unit allows easy installation, which makes AcuRite the best home weather stationThe weather forecast and the other features come at a reasonable price range. The PC connection is also extremely beneficial to store and analyze the data.


The wireless system sometimes loses the signals. The internal fan that provides data of temperature sometimes wears out after a long time.

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4) Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 Weather Station (Wireless)

People looking for wireless weather stations reviews can find their solution here with the Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2. With the flexible choices and customization features, Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 becomes one of the best choices.Davis Instruments Vantage Pro 2 o

Being one of the versatile, reliable and best weather stations, it is preferred by many users.

The model provides all the basic weather data along with the UV and Solar radiation levels. Plus, you can also rely upon this model for the collection of data of rainfall and dew point as well. The transmission distance is 1000ft that updates the data in every 2.5 seconds.

Best highlight

If you have a requirement to have a wireless weather station, this is the best option for you.

All features

  • The wireless solar powered integrated sensor suite is available.
  • The temperature sensor, humidity sensor, rain gauge, and 12-meter long cable is provided.
  • The transmission range is 1000 ft outdoors, making it the best outdoor weather station.


The unique features of the sensors provide valuable data on soil moisture and leaf wetness. The weather condition details become easily available. The installation is also easy, which makes the usage efficient.


Being solar powered, the use in the cloudy areas become pretty difficult. Also, the signals get interrupted in extreme weather conditions.

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5) Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 Weather Station (Cabled)

For people looking for best-wired weather station, Davis Instrument Vantage Pro2 comes in cabled model as well. You can get data on temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, wind speed, wind direction and rainfall as well as UV radiation.Davis Instruments Vantage Pro 2 Wired 350

The sensor suit updates the data in every 2.5 seconds, so you never have to worry about the accuracy and precision of the data. However, the transmission distance capacity is 300 m, without getting affected by the obstructions.

Best highlight

The wired station feature allows you to have the most accurate data without getting worried about the signal interruptions.

All features

  • Quality weather station with accurate weather data.
  • Provides data of temperature, humidity, wind speed, heat index and other details.
  • The rainfall data is provided per hour and on a daily basis as well. The information on rainstorm is also provided.


With the weather data logging compatibility, the Vantage Pro2 cable becomes a perfect choice. The Cabled station never lets you feel troubled by the signal loss or interruptions due to bad weather conditions.


The mounting of the cabled model becomes pretty difficult and time-consuming. Also, the high-end price doesn’t match the budget of many people.

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6) Kestrel 4500 Weather & Environmental Meter

This portable device becomes the best gadget for many users. The information on the temperature, wind chill, dew point, barometric pressure, humidity and others become available to you with this small sized device.

The Kestrel 4500 comes with a Bluetooth feature and custom communication software, which attracts people looking for digital weather station reviews. The Bluetooth makes it easier to get up to 30 ft range wirelessly.

The design is compact that easily fits in your pocket. This way, the gadget becomes an amazing choice for the professionals who work in remote areas or desire to research the environment and weather.

The design is compact that easily fits in your pocket. This way, the gadget becomes an amazing choice for the professionals who work in remote areas or desire to research the environment and weather.

This way, the gadget becomes an amazing choice for the professionals who work in remote areas or desire to research the environment and weather.

Best highlight

The portability is the biggest highlight that makes this model amazing. The compact design offers all the details on weather conditions, which helps the professionals.

All features

  • The portable device comes with a digital compass and data logging.
  • Sensors provide information on wind speed, humidity, pressure, temperature.
  • The Bluetooth feature, LCD display, wireless data transfer and red night vision is available.
  • The waterproof body has military level standards, which makes them safe to use.


The small size makes it easy to carry anywhere. No additional setup is required as well.


The weather forecast is not possible with this model. Also, the price might become a little too much for you.

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7) AcuRite 00589 Pro Color Weather Station

This model is a great addition to the best indoor weather station. The AcuRite 00589 Pro comes with 3-in-1 integrated sensor suite. This sensor suit allows you to have the weather forecast for 12 to 24 hours. Both outdoor and indoor sensors provide the information.AcuRite 00589 Pro Color

The three sensors include the thermometer, anemometer, and hygrometer as well. The illuminated color console is provided in the indoor sensors.

With this, you achieve data on temperature, wind speed and rain as well. Plus, the readings of the temperature, wind chill, wind speed, dew point, and other variables help you understand the weather condition.

Best highlight

When you are looking for the best home weather station for the money, this model becomes a smart choice. The best highlight of this device is the 3-in-1 weather station suit.

All features

  • Accurate 3-in-1 wireless weather sensor provides measures of the humidity, temperature, and wind speed.
  • The records are collected for daily, monthly and all time high and low.
  • Illuminated color display comes with an electric power source, optional battery backup an adjustable dimmer as well.
  • Setup of the device is quite simple.


The affordability of this model is exceptional. Plus, the interface is pretty easy to use, which is another trait. The unit is weather proof, which enhances the accuracy of the data achieved.


Being wireless station, sometimes the signals may get interrupted.

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8) Netatmo Weather Station

If you are looking for high end weather stations, Netatmo is the right choice due to its style and design. The quality and the design make it perfect weather station to have in your home or office. The features are quite impressive.

The device had both outdoor and indoor modules. You can connect these modules to a smartphone with the help of a special application.

The device is effective in getting data of temperature, humidity, and others. Also, you can see the comfort level of the indoor space. The device alerts regarding the CO2 level in the room. And we will cover that in details in the separate individual weather station reviews post.

The outdoor module provides real time data as well. The design of the device fits well to the interior of your home or office, which makes it an effective choice.

Best highlight

The design of the device is the best highlight that attracts customers towards it.

All features

  • Measures the temperature, barometric pressure, indoor CO2, and humidity.
  • The graphs and real time data becomes available with notifications.
  • Multiple weather station connections can be created with your smartphone. Also, many smartphones can be connected to one station as well.
  • Data is accessible from anywhere and anytime.


The small size, easy usage, simple installation and the features come under the pros of this model.


It can’t be exposed to Sunlight directly. Plus, the data stays limited to a few variables only, which doesn’t help the professionals.

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9) La Crosse Technology S88907 Vertical Wireless Color Forecast Station

Adding an affordable choice in the wireless weather station reviews, this model is the complete package of features and budget. The technology is ultimate with a wireless color weather station that provides real-time data.

The transmission distance is up to 300 ft that helps the basic sensors to provide measurements on the comfort level in the location you are. The sensor suite in the device includes thermometer and hygrometer as well. And it all comes at a price that makes you feel very happy.

Best highlight

The affordability is the biggest highlight that brings people towards this choice while looking for best home weather station reviews.

All features

  • The display provides color forecast icons.
  • Provides measurement of temperature and humidity in indoor as well as outdoor with the wireless approach.
  • The updates regarding the time and date get saved automatically.
  • The temperature alerts help you keep a comfortable environment in your home.


The installation is really quick. Plus, the affordability and the forecasting features of the model makes it a valuable investment.


The transmission distance is not very high. And the wireless technology sometimes interrupts the signal. You don’t get the sensors for wind and rain.

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10) Ambient Weather WS-1201-IP Observer

Being one of the best weather station choices, this model offers unique features. The availability of internet monitoring with real-time updates makes it the best internet weather station.

You get to have measures of the temperature, wind direction, humidity, wind speed, rainfall, UV and solar radiation. The updates require only 14 seconds. The IP observer and the router help in making the weather analysis and archiving historical data.

This is the reason why enthusiasts love to have this device for their analysis, research and weather data storage. This weather station is solar powered and comes with remote monitoring with the help of wireless internet.

This is the reason why enthusiasts love to have this device for their analysis, research and weather data storage. This weather station is solar powered and comes with remote monitoring with the help of wireless internet.

Best highlight

People looking for the remote weather station reviews usually end up finding this model. The internet monitoring is the most exciting that this advanced model comes with.

All features

  • Easy installation, reliable wireless technology comes along in the Ambient Weather Station.
  • The indoor temperature sensor and IP module are provided.
  • The measurements of the data of the temperature, humidity, wind direction, humidity, rainfall is provided along with the UV radiation and solar radiation.
  • The Observer also provides rainfall rate, barometer, temperature, humidity and dew point as well.


The signal loss is unlikely to happen, even in the extreme weather conditions. The installation and mounting are pretty easier than other weather station choices.


The basic problem with this model is that it doesn’t have the feature to connect to the PC directly. Plus, the unit is resistant to the freezing conditions.

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Valuable Tips On Purchasing A Weather Station

In case, you don’t want to leave any chances of error in your final decision, make sure you follow the tips given below:

  1. Size and weight suitability

While looking for the home weather stations reviews, pay more attention to the size and the weight of the options. The size should be suitable for the space you have for the installation. Large system requires large spaces.

  1. Installation difficulty

The best wifi weather station is the one that doesn’t make it difficult for you to install the unit. While looking at the pro weather station reviews, make sure you focus on the installation difficulty of the every choice.

So, what is the best home weather station to buy? Hopefully, now you have the right answer to this question. No matter whether you are looking for high end weather stations or the affordable ones, this guide has covered it all for you.

You can have one more look at the reviews of weather stations for home for advanced weather station comparison. Then, select the one that suits all your requirements regarding the features, design, installation, and price.

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