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Best camping cooler
Written by David J Bates

When you have planned on a camping trip during vacations with your family and friends, you must carry the essential gears.

Apart from tents, clothes and medical kits, you must have the support of the best cooler for camping. Certainly, it is the ideal unit to keep your drink and food items cool and safe.

Image NameQualityUsabilityPrice
Rubbermaid 60-Quart FG2A9002MODBL Wheeled CoolerVery HighVery EasyView Price
ORCA 40-Quart BW040ORCORCA CoolerVery HighVery EasyView Price
YETI Roadie 20 Camping CoolerVery HighVery EasyView Price
Igloo Marine Ultra CoolerVery HighEasyView Price
Coleman 54-Quart CoolerHighVery EasyView Price
Coleman 100-Quart Wheeled CoolerHighEasyView Price
Coleman 18-Quart CoolerHighEasyView Price

During one of my trips, I met with a group of people who came from the northeast California. I remembered it was my first day on the trip and they were staying for the last couple of days.

I just went near their tent and asked one of them for help to set up my shelter.

On the way to take up my tents and put other gears to the ground, I found them shouting because the fruits and other items got decayed. And, they had no more ice left as well.

In the meanwhile, I got to know about their problems. I visited their tent, handled the situation and had a good conversation on the top quality coolers for camping.

Thereafter, I offered them food and told them how to prepare themselves for the next trip to make it more exciting and memorable.

The Best Cooler For Camping Reviews Of 2018

Today, I am going to review the top 7 units from which I have my 3 pieces for meeting my camping needs.

Definitely, these are out of the box products that really worth your investment of money without having a second thought.

Let me start from the top rated coolers available on the market-

1.Rubbermaid 60-Quart FG2A9002MODBL Wheeled Cooler

Want a superior thermal retention cooler for your purpose? This Rubbermaid 60-Quart FG2A9002MODBL wheeled cooler is the ideal choice.Rubbermaid 60-Quart FG2A9002MODBL Wheeled Cooler

With a capacity of 60-quart, this is the best cooler for camping when you travel in groups. This cooler safely stores different food items and keep drinks cool.

Salient Features

  • It comes with stain resistance property
  • It is odor resistant
  • It has easy to clean liners


The material of the equipment is quite durable enough such that it won’t break after years of use. The material is thick and there will be no signs of leakage.

Particularly, it is a good cooler for long distance trips.

Easy To Handle

Though it is a 60 quarts unit, it is not a hectic task to carry. With proper care, individuals can take it to a long distance using its wheels. But it is not ideal for climbing mountains.

With its sophisticated wheel, anyone can move the cooler single-handedly.

Final Verdict

This is one of my best coolers for camping. With its use, I have traveled several places in California and its nearby areas.

Eventually, my friends also consider the Rubbermaid FG2A9002MODBL cooler as their best companion on trips.

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2.ORCA 40-Quart BW040ORCORCA Cooler

Are you looking for a high quality cooler that can keep stored items in good condition for a longer period of time? This ORCA 40-Quart BW040ORCORCA cooler is the perfect unit.ORCA 40-Quart BW040ORCORCA Cooler

With its integrated insulation, this cooler can keep the freshness for up to 10 days. It comes with lid gasket that ensures perfect sealing.


  • Its flex grip handles allow comfortable holding
  • It is a rugged ice chest
  • It comes with lifetime warranty


For better ice retention, the material of the cooler is thick and highly durable. It keeps the stored items in the ideal condition in an efficient manner.

Easy To Handle

It is the best insulated cooler that has flex grip handles for portage. Anyone can easily carry the item without any prior experience of handling.

Final Verdict

When you are looking for the most efficient cooler, you have to purchase this ORCA 40-Quart BW040ORCORCA cooler. Without any doubt, this will take care of stored items brilliantly.

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3.YETI Roadie 20 Bear Proof Camping Cooler

With a capacity of up to 14 cans, this YETI Roadie 20 Camping cooler can be your best friend for trips. The extra-thick inside wall makes it bear proof cooler.YETI Roadie 20 Camping Cooler

This means you can store water, bear and other food items for having a remarkable trip on demand. Just keep the things and it takes care of everything!


  • It incorporates 3-inch PermaFrost insulation
  • It comes with T-Rex lid latches
  • This camping ice chest is leak proof


When you look at the core of the cooler, it incorporates Tundra armored material. It is not only durable but also considered as indestructible.

The T-Rex lid latches are also good in quality, made up of heavy-duty rubber. This makes it one of the top notch Yeti camping coolers available on the market.

Easy To Handle

For any camping needs, this cooler fits perfect.

It comes with lipgrip handles for comfortable carrying without any troubles. Other than this, the vortex drain system makes easy draining.

Final Verdict

When people purchase YETI Roadie 20 Camping cooler, they never get disappointed.

The best thing is that it keeps the items in ideal condition for days. This is possible due to the incorporation of interlock lid system, which creates a barrier against the sunlight and heat.

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4.Igloo Marine Ultra Cooler

When you purchase Igloo Marine Ultra cooler, you get the advantage of UV inhibitors. This protects the item against sun damage.Igloo Marine Ultra Cooler

It is 94 quarts model that makes it one of the large camping coolers. Fortunately, it comes in several sizes for the convenience of the users.

Significant Features

  • It has ultra-thermal insulated body
  • It incorporates stain resistant and odor resistant liners
  • Its lid has fish keeper measuring tool


For making it the best ice chest cooler, this is made up of highly durable and long lasting materials. Apart from this, it comes with stainless steel build corrosion resistant screws.

Easy To Handle

When you are looking for an ideal large camping ice chest, this Igloo Marine Ultra cooler fits in the top position. With its reinforced grip handle, individuals have comfortable carrying of the stored units.

Final Verdict

Unlike other models, this cooler doesn’t come with an insulated lid. This might be one of the disappointments. Other than this, everything is fine that’s why it is in the fourth place in the list of our best ice chest reviews.

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5.Coleman 54-Quart Cooler

Want a solid, rustproof unit for your camping needs? This Coleman 54-Quart cooler comes with leak-resistant parameters and a good draining system.Coleman 54-Quart Cooler

Particularly, this unit comes with a capacity of storing up to 85 cans seamlessly.

Salient Features

  • It has solid steel lid latch for appropriate sealing
  • Stainless steel handles make it easy to carry


The material of the body is heavy-duty rubber that makes it ideal for handling in different conditions. After its multiple uses, there will be no signs of breakage.

The handle and lid latch are made up of stainless steel material that makes it the best ice chest cooler in the price range of upper double digits.

Easy To Handle

For the convenience of the users, the steel handles come with comfortable gripping. Anyone can easily carry the unit without any troubles.

Moreover, there will be no problems of cleaning the product as it incorporates ideal draining system (Once you wash it, there is no need to tilt the object. It automatically drains the water.)

Final Verdict

If you are looking for the best coolers for ice retention, this unit is the ideal choice. Perhaps, this unit is tall enough to hold a 2 liters bottle in the upright position.

It is a leak resistant cooler that makes no troubles of carrying and securing your stored items.

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6.Coleman 100-Quart Wheeled Cooler

Are you planning on a 5 days trip? This Coleman 100-Quart Wheeled cooler is the best ice chest in the world. Without any doubt, it stores up to 160 cans and keeps ice up to 5 days.Coleman 100-Quart Wheeled Cooler

This is only possible because of its Xtreme 5 technology that maintains the coolness even in temperature of about 90o F.

Significant Features

  • It comes with ThermOZONE insulation technology
  • It is wheeled for two-way handling


The manufacturer, Coleman has offered durable, heavy-duty rubber for its build up. The insulation is also great that makes it the best camping cooler for large families.

Easy To Handle

Unlike other coolers, this comes with two-way handling parameters. This makes it easy to carry objects in any direction with ease.

Apart from this, it is rustproof, leak resistant and incorporates no-tilt draining system. With these features, it removes the burden of cleaning from all its users. All these features make its count in our best ice cooler reviews.

Final Verdict

On comparing its quality and performance, this is one of the best coolers for ice retention in the range of mid double-digit.

Definitely, this is an amazing cooler for camping with a storage capacity of 100 quarts.

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7.Coleman 18-Quart Cooler

When you plan on a two-person family camping during weekends, this Coleman 18-Quart cooler is the ideal one.Coleman 18-Quart Cooler

You can carry the necessary belongings along with your favorite drinks safely. This can fit up to 20 cans and hold a 2 liters bottle in the upright position comfortably.

Significant Features

  • It comes with a bail handle for easy carrying
  • It is specially designed with base-fit lid


Made up of heavy-duty rubber to keep the drinks in ice cool condition! The bail handle is sturdy enough to carry the unit without any troubles

Easy To Handle

No matter what all items you bring, it is quite easy to carry the unit by using its handle. When you want to clean it, there will be no hassles of tilting the unit for ideal cleaning.

Final Verdict

It is the best cooler for camping that comes in the price range of low double digits. It is affordable enough and one can purchase a few of them for storing multiple items.

Bottom Line

I hope the above list has made the things clear and make you accustomed with the details of camping coolers.

If you still have queries on what are the best coolers for camping for your purpose, you can comment on the below section.

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