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Are you planning a camping trip? I am sure it will be a lot of fun with family and friends.

Unlike backpacking, you have to pick extra gears for having the best possible experience. Out of which, an air mattress is one of the essential ones. To get a comfortable rest, you must carry the best air mattress for camping.

Coleman Self-Inflating Camp Pad With PillowVery HighVery EasyView Price
Therm-A-Rest BaseCamp MattressVery HighVery EasyView Price
BFP Outdoors Camping MattressHighVery EasyView Price
EcoTek Outdoors Inflatable Sleeping PadVery HighEasyView Price
RikkiTikki Inflatable Sleeping PadHighEasyView Price
Freeland Camping Self Inflating Sleeping PadHighEasyView Price
REDCAMP Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad With PillowHighEasyView Price

Camping air beds ensure that you won’t suffer from a sore back and remain active throughout the journey. Whether you trek or explore the area, you’ll find air mattress as the best partner that will bring the comfort of your bedroom.

With one air bed for camping, you wake up fully rested. And, you can take on anything in the next morning without any issues.

The Best Air Mattress For Camping Reviews Of 2018

Carrying a portable bed is a great idea for camping! However, purchasing the best camping air mattress requires careful consideration of a few factors.

Nothing to be bothered about, I have reviewed the top 7 mattresses and all of them are out of the box products. Choose any one of them that suits your needs!

1.Coleman Self-Inflating Camp Pad With Pillow

Are you looking for a superior full size camping mattress with the free-flow valve? This Coleman Self-Inflating Camp Pad is the ideal choice. And it even comes with an attached pillow.Coleman Self-Inflating Camp Pad With Pillow

With its weather-resistant nylon shell, this is the best camping bed available on the market. It is good for having a comfortable sleep.

Salient Features

  • It holds tufted design for added comfort
  • It comes with compression straps for easy storage


High-quality material has been used to make it durable. If the users take necessary precautions of handling it, there is no doubt it lasts for a longer period of time.

Easy To Carry

This is a compact unit. Anyone can easily carry it to the camping spot (from the vehicle) effortlessly. By using the compression straps, individuals can store it in compact areas.

Final Verdict

The Coleman Self-Inflating Camp Pad tops the list of camping air mattress reviews because of its handy features for a comfy night sleep.

This is one of the most comfortable camping beds when you have planned for a trip. Unlike other products, it is easy to pack/unpack on demand. Particularly, there is no need for a pump.

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2.Therm-A-Rest BaseCamp Mattress

With a thickness of 2 inches, this Therm-A-Rest BaseCamp mattress provides a higher level of warmth in any season. It comes with a classic design of fabrics that worth the money.Therm-A-Rest BaseCamp Mattress

For better support on your back, it incorporates foam core that provides exceptional comfort. Due to this reason, this is placed second in the list of our best camping air mattress review.


  • It holds plush fabric material
  • It comes with easy self-inflation


With the incorporation of 75D polyester material, this air mattress scores high in terms of durability and longevity. It is sturdy enough and offers exceptional self-inflating convenience.

Easy To Carry

The plush fabric makes it soft and light. This gives the advantage of carrying the Therm-A-Rest BaseCamp mattress with ease.

Just choose one that suits perfectly for your purpose!

Final Verdict

Unlike other models, this air mattress doesn’t come with an attached pillow. This might be the only disappoint for the buyers. Other than this, everything is perfect that makes it the top quality air mattress for camping.

The best thing is you can compliment your purchase by investing a little amount on Therm-A-Rest accessories that include universal couple kit, compressible pillows and more.

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3.BFP Outdoors Camping Mattress

Want a premium quality camp mattress for your purpose? This BFP Outdoors Camping Mattress is ideal for taking rest when you go for hiking, mountaineering or anything else.BFP Outdoors Camping Mattress

No need to think twice, just take it with you for a super comfortable sleep at night (outdoors).


  • It is superlight unit with 1.6 kg (3.5 pounds) weight
  • 100% money back guarantee up to a limited period of 30 days
  • It is self-inflating mattress


The material of the product makes it durable, long-lasting and sturdy sleeping mattress.

Undoubtedly, the BFP Outdoors Camping Mattress is the heavy-duty bed for outdoors that offers maximum convenience to its users.

Easy To Carry

It is very sleek in design and gets packed nicely within a limited amount of space. There will be no hassles of handling and carrying the product.

Final Verdict

Never lose an opportunity of purchasing the best inflatable camping mattress. Particularly, this product is superfine to get a comfortable nap on every occasion.

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4.EcoTek Outdoors Inflatable Sleeping Pad

With a patent-pending innovative design, this EcoTek Outdoors Inflatable Sleeping Pad is the ultimate product. It comes with hexagon patterns in three vivid color options for optimal performance.EcoTek Outdoors Inflatable Sleeping Pad

For the convenience of the customers, it is backed up with a lifetime warranty.

Salient Features

  • It is ultralight with over 1 pound weight
  • It inflates with only 10 – 15 breaths


70D woven polyester material is used for its build-up that makes it durable and long-lasting product. There is no need to worry about leaks or tears after its multiple uses.

Fortunately, this inflatable mattress for camping is readily available on the market.

Easy To Carry

For any camping needs, this sleeping pad is a perfect choice.

It is an ultralight product and anyone can carry it comfortably to the camping spot without any trouble. Other than this, there is no need to carry air pump to inflate it.

Final Verdict

When people purchase EcoTek Outdoors Inflatable Sleeping pad, they never regret their choice.

The best thing is that it provides the ultimate comfort to the back. Just carry it with you and enjoy trips for days.

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5.RikkiTikki Inflatable Sleeping Pad

With this camping mattress on trips, always feel the comfort of an even surface. It is built up with special reinforcing techniques that make it tear-resistant.RikkiTikki Inflatable Sleeping Pad

Certainly, this RikkiTikki Inflatable Sleeping pad is the top quality air mattress for camping. By paying an affordable amount, you can own this product.

Salient Features

  • It weighs over 1 pound
  • 75D Pongee fabric material is used


It comes with premium quality material that enhances its durability factor. This is a long-lasting product and stays in good condition for years.

The material 75D Pongee fabric makes it soft, lightweight and unique product.

Easy To Carry

On considering its material to weight ratio, this comes in the range of medium to light weight air mattresses. There will be no troubles of handling and carrying it.

Anyone can easily inflate and deflate it effortlessly. This is possible because of its multi-purpose valve that makes the process quick.

Final Verdict

Unlike other models, this mattress comes in three color variants: blue, gray and green. So, choose your best air mattress for camping that suits your needs before the stock finished.

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6.Freeland Camping Self Inflating Sleeping Pad

Want a 3.3-pound, low-cost camp mattress for your purpose? This Freeland Camping Self Inflating Sleeping Pad is a perfect choice.Freeland Camping Self Inflating Sleeping Pad

Particularly, this product comes with the right balance of comfort and weight.


  • It comes with self-inflating and deflating properties
  • It has split joint design that helps to connect multiple pads


The material of the mattress is ideal for sleeping outdoors. It is designed with cushion support for extra comfort and all these things are durable.

It is a tear-resistant product that enhances its longevity to a great extent. Other than this, it is leakage-inspection qualified product what makes it the best air mattress for camping.

Easy To Carry

Though it is a 3.3-pound unit, you won’t find it troublesome to carry when it is in deflated condition. Luckily, there is no need to carry air pump for inflating it.

Moreover, it is also easy to deflate and store in a small space whenever required. Once you feel its requirement, just inflate it and take rest.

Final Verdict

When you are searching for the top quality mattress, this unit fits perfect. Particularly, this Freeland Camping Self Inflating Sleeping pad comes with an attached pillow for better comfort.

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7.REDCAMP Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad With Pillow

Are you looking for a polyester pongee coated PVC air mattress? This REDCAMP Self-Inflating Sleeping pad is only for you. It comes with a diamond-chamber surface design for ideal support.REDCAMP Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad With Pillow

Considering the satisfaction of the customers, the manufacturers provide a 365-day limited period warranty on this product.


  • It comes with 75D polyester pongee coated PVC
  • Diamond-chamber surface design limits the air movement for comfortable sleep


Undoubtedly, the manufacturer has made it durable and provides the best support with the incorporation of sturdy fabric.

It holds free-flow, non-leak brass valve that boosts the durability of the entire product.

Easy To Carry

Fortunately, this product is lightweight, compact and provides the ultimate support for sleeping. No matter what all gears you carry, this mattress won’t ask for stretching your arms. You can carry it to the camping spot effortlessly.

Final Verdicts

To enhance the comfort of individuals, it comes with 19D open-cell foam fillings.

This REDCAMP Self-Inflating Sleeping pad also has an attached pillow. You can inflate/deflate it separately depending on your needs.

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Bottom Line

The above list of the best air mattress for camping covers the high-quality products based on customer reviews and pricing. If you choose any of these units, you won’t get disappointed.

Pick the ideal one and go for a memorable camping trip! For any queries and suggestions, just comment on the below box.

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