Ambient Weather WS-1002-WiFi Observer Review

Written by David J Bates

Ambient has quite a good name on the market for producing quality weather instruments. So instead of wasting time let’s jump into the review.

We have picked this particular product for its quality and this particular weather station combines the transmission of sensor data to the console in the wireless mode.

Because of these capabilities offered by Ambient Weather WS-1002-WiFi Observer weather station, the accuracy, and frequency at which it delivers the observations and makes the predictions is really amazing.

Moreover, the ambient weather has been making the amazing models in the weather stations from the years. This workstation has a colorful LED console with great features.

This model does not need any kind of separate WI-FI connection for the transmission of the data from the sensors to the console.

The way the console gets updated, you can easily get the recent weather updates. The model is designed in a way that makes its use suitable for both indoors as well as the outdoors.

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Features of Ambient Weather WS-1002-WiFi Observer

This weather station has many features in it that makes it provide the reliable and accurate result of data for its use in indoors as well as outdoors.

Ambient Weather WS-1002-WiFi Observer has both the console and sensors integrated into one thing. Some of the features of this Ambient Weather WS-1002-WiFi Observer include:



To make the user learn about the different weather conditions, there are a couple of instruments used in this device which includes a thermometer for monitoring the temperature indoors as well as the outdoors, a rain gauge, anemometer and a barometer.

The instrument is equipped with different sensors for the ease of detection of the different weather conditions as well.

The temperature sensor in this weather station can make the recordings of the temperature from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 149 degrees Fahrenheit.

The sensors need to be handled very carefully as they are very sensitive. Each of the sensors are covered with a UV radiation and a solar shield which will ensure that the user always gets the accurate results without any kind of impact on the environment.

This shield always keeps the sensors in the right working condition and the user has to ensure that the shield is in the right position while mounting the weather station for use.



The data is delivered from the sensor through a wireless connection eliminating the need for any kind of cables that are used in the earlier models.

All it needed is to set the weather station to a frequency range that is required for the transmission up to a specific range, for example, for transmission up to a range of 300 feet it is required to set the frequency at 915 MHz, which can be adjusted according to the barriers that exist around.

The regular updates are delivered to the console all the time, which will make sure that user has all the weather updates ready with it.

The Display

Ambient Weather WS-1002-WiFi Observer weather station has a very big display with 6.25 by 3.5 inch which helps to deliver the data set from the sensors in the best colors.

Depending upon the time of the day the brightness of this LCD console will get adjusted itself and you can mount the display on your desk or on the wall providing the power supply.

To avoid any type of clustering and the meaningless data getting displayed on the screen you can also change the display settings of this instrument.

The display console is also WIFI enabled so that it can get the data from the sensors as well. There are also different alerts enabled in this device to make you informed about the different weather conditions.

The different alerts in this device will tell you about the expected weather conditions such as heavy rains so that you can get yourself ready accordingly.

Advantages of Ambient Weather WS-1002:

This weather station is highly reliable and delivers the accurate sensor data under the different weather conditions. With the wireless transmission possible from a distance of around 300 feet, this device is really good for the transmission to take place wirelessly.

The device is fitted with a multiple number of the sensors that can sense the different parameters related to the weather and can even send those readings to the console.

The sensors are further protected from the external environmental conditions from giving any kind of the wrong readings by shielding them with UV and solar radiation protection shields.

The represented data can be easily understood by the console and above all the console of this weather station is also very easy to use.

This weather station can also be synchronized with different free services, Google weather mappings, many free websites and much more. The bubble level installation design makes the mounting of this device extremely easy.

Disadvantages of Ambient Weather WS-1002:

The wireless signals in this Ambient device need a proper and clear line of sight or their operation, in case any kind of barriers such as metal or ground barriers come in between the wireless transmission of the signals from this device are adversely affected.

Even in the case of the bad weather conditions again the wireless signals in this device get disrupted. This weather station is not designed in a way offering the freeze proofing so it cannot work in the areas such as Arctic circle.

The Ambient Weather WS-1002-WiFi Observer is also not compatible with the salt environments and if operated in those areas this device can lose its durability as well.

To access the indoor humidity and the temperature user has to buy an iPad as they are understood only in an iPad application.


No matter whether you are a weather enthusiast or a beginner in watching the weather this Ambient Weather WS-1002-WiFi Observer will help you a lot in learning about the different weather conditions.

This model is perfect in terms of accuracy it offers, the support it provides for multiple applications and the reliability, because of all these amazing features available at such affordable rates, Ambient Weather WS-1002-WiFi Observer is worth spending money on it.

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